the ECT chronicles: jumpstarting a life with a little spark to the head

a young woman's journey to regain her life through electroconvulsive therapy. the journal intertwines personal accounts about depression and bipolar disorder as well as current mental health news
Added: August 28, 2009
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Joining ‘the’ union

photo by Tahni Caldelaria-Holm/Joyeuse Photography

apparently, ‘picking out’ psych meds is like trying out cereal

Sometimes while  I watch some mindlessly good television or when I listen to some Rich Eisen podcasts, I take online surveys via those sites that pay you for taking them.  Some of the surveys are rather interesting, and occasionally it’s ...

a raw deal: accepting side effects of psych meds

A little while ago when I was making an effort to be less of a hoarder, I came across a piece of paper I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was my psych hospital discharge sheet from September 2004, the stay that came about because of a w ...

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