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Diary entries from 1985-onward with (hopefully witty) present day commentary.
Added: September 23, 2009
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[February, 1996] “What if?” Territory

2/16/96 Ah yes. I would be one of his dinner guests. He also told me how he left the bookstore and walked a couple of blocks to his destination then thought, “Why didn’t I get her number?” I said I wish he had. Then he found out he got ...

[February, 1996] Still Valentine’s Day

2/15/96 It’s still Valentine’s day in my mind because it’s 4:25AM and I’ve been up since noon. I can’t even write, I’m too busy thinking about Bradley. I spoke to him for about 3 hours just now. I called a little after 1:00AM and ...

[February, 1996] Lost Souls

2/7/96 To my surprise/relief/whatever I think I might just be over Nathan. Was in the Village yesterday shopping/job hunting (might end up working in a store about 50 feet away from Record Runner actually). I didn’t stop in. I think I was ...

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