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Added: February 13, 2017
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Texas Bill Aims to Get 17 Year Olds Out of Adult Justice System

In Texas, anyone 17 years old or older is treated as an adult if they are accused of a crime. However some Texas legislators are trying to change that. A bill made its way through the Texas legislature this session that would require a 17-year-old ...

The Status of Sanctuary Cities in Texas

What are sanctuary cities? They’re municipalities that offer refuge to illegal immigrants in certain situations. Those situations can vary from city to city. Sanctuary can mean a number of things, including: Not reporting illegal immigrants ...

State of Texas Reinstates Illegal Immigrant Harboring Law

The Underground Railroad was illegal in the 19th century. And those who did participate in hiding slaves were at risk of prosecution under the law. But each and every one of those people knew what they were doing. And they put their own lives ...

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