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Added: November 21, 2009
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Playing It Small

President Obama is an extremely bright guy. He does a lot well. Deeply analytical. Strategically intelligent. Unfailingly patient. And yet in the midst of what could be a defining moment for American politics Obama his conspicuously quiet. For ...

My Point of View on the Future of Media: What’s it Worth to You?

Media has changed in so many ways over the past fifteen years as the internet has blossomed into maturity before our eyes. The rise of the internet has broken business models of legacy media like print publishing and television by … Continue ...

Find Something Else To Measure

I’ve been immersed in Umair Haque’s (@umairh) world of thought for a little while now, a thinker I would describe as a revolutionary economist. Umair doesn’t shy away from questioning the underpinnings of the current economic system

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