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As a concerned social entrepreneur, consultant and facilitator; I created 'The Cosmic Heart' to share news and information regarding Earth changes, eco-spirituality, and the evolutionary change facing humanity and planet earth.
Added: January 25, 2009
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Nelson Mandela Memorial = Mandala, Phoenix Rises Again, Mars= MORE War, Revolutions and INSANITY! Eternal Outsider Colin Wilson A Genius Dies Dec 5, 2013 Coincidence?

Not a likely coincidence here Question is When did Mandela really pass on? If on December 5, 2013 then it most likely was not a natural death due to the fact that it would be an eerie twist, Nelson Mandela died at almost the precise moment VIPs, ...

Dr. Who, J.F. Kennedy,Huxley Brave New World 50th Anniversary, Vendetta, Russell Brand, Revolutionizing Subliminal's!

If a species does not support its own divine spark, keeping itself above a defined level of complexity, the spark will naturally move to other species that can satisfy the minimal level of functionality, useful to the conscience to evolve in ...

Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Nov 3, 2013, Lunar Tetrad 2014-2015, Humanities Grand Mutation 2020, Comet Ison, Astrological Celestial Markers, Solar Activity,Consciousness and the Soul

The eternal body of wisdom that you are as unique awareness, never dies and is not carried away to some far off heavenly shore. Awareness stays right here, in it’s original state and takes back all the power that was so cruelly manipulated ...

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