The Center Seat

I'm a young woman living in the Twin Cities, MN. My personal and professional life is really not that interesting... I'm here because I'm passionate about the movies, and hoping I can share that passion with others who feel the same way.
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where i am

This is what work (you know, my day job) has been like for me this week:That's me with my pretty manicured nails clawing the air.See you next week when someone makes this cube into a seven-layer salad.

day zero update #3

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I'm SO NOT in line at the stores. I intend to spend this entire day in my pj's, feasting on leftovers. So there.Completed Tasks#44: Get all new gifts put away and house in order. With a LOT of help from Mr. ...

buffy the vampire slayer: season one, episodes five-twelve

Nayana's standard Buffy disclaimer/Reverse spoiler alert: This is my first time EVER watching this series. I am very interested in keeping my experience pure, so please take care in the comments to not give any spoilers, clues, or insights from ...

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