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I've always loved reading books, so my favorite reading apparatus these days is the Kindle Touch, i Pad, and B&N nook. I will never give up the real thing because I do like holding the books as I read but for traveling, driving, waiting at appointments, I will always use one of my electronic friends. I'm always on the lookout for that new and exciting read on a daily basis so when ever I see something on sale that's a good value I'm there to snatch it up. I really want to get my books organized so that I can keep track of them all, so I've found a few apps for the iPad that I just love. The app I like the most is pocketpedia3, this app works with the bookpedia app on my Mac and all I have to do is sync the two and I never have to worry about buying duplicates again. Another great reference is Read, Remember, and Recommend. I love this reference book so much and how much it's opened my eyes to the reading world. Aloha, Karen
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