OK - here is the concept. None of the posts here reflect the opinion of the author. I am just trying an experiment in giving out what the public wants.
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Kanye West's VMA Outburst against Taylor Swift for Beyonce MTV

This blog focuses on what is happening in the world of celebrity. When this story came across our desk we had to google "Kenye West" to find out who he was, it turns out he is some wannabe who has made rather a fool of himself at an award ceremony ...

Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Gossip News Leaders

Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Gossip News Leaders: "Lady GaGa: Monster Cable Party Chick She loves a good party, and last night (September 7) Lady GaGa was spotted cutting loose at the Lady GaGa soiree in Berlin, Germany.The “Just Dance” ...

Email A Car - send a message to any driver

So, you are driving down the road and some monkey cuts you up and flicks you the bird. You get mad right? Of course. But now you don't need to. As the site says, don't get mad just email a car.com.It is a site that allows you to leave a ...