The Bandwagon Capitalist Experiment

OK - here is the concept. None of the posts here reflect the opinion of the author. I am just trying an experiment in giving out what the public wants.
Added: April 16, 2006
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Comment on UKRifter the Oculus Fanboy by ukrifter

Hi mate, sorry I missed this message. Yes, a lot of vive content, main reasons are a) I had one computer b) vive is kids favourite c) I had a long queue of reviews I had promised to devs. Now it's all changed. I have a second more powerful ...

Comment on QuiVr Multiplayer Archery Castle Defense Developed with Integrity by Belly

Quivr early access is out, well worth the asking price..

Comment on UKRifter the Oculus Fanboy by underhill

It's odd you feel like you might be a little biased, for a while I contemplated unsubscribing from your channel when it seemed like for months on end you were posting Vive-only content. Now that the Touch is out I appreciate why you might have ...

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