The Actress outside

The Actress outside
Added: June 25, 2010
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Category: Performing Arts
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Wedding Of The Year = Time Off For Good Behaviour!

So Man and I tied the knot last year and I've been ever so busy being ever so busy...It was a beautiful day full of the usual hilarity, a few tears and drunken guests falling over - it was the best day ever!So what about my acting....well the ...

Dilemma Of A Skint Actress!

So I did an audition in Manchester today, pretending to drive a car whilst singing along to a famous Beach Boys song. At first I tried hard to avoid miming driving - there's nothing worse is there? I thought better to do nothing than mime badly ...

I'm An Information Giving Northerner In Soapland...

...and the sooner I accept that the better! No I'm not the actress with the dramatic speech castigating her soap husband! No I'm not the actress tearing anothers hair out over some wimpy bloke with money.I really must learn that I'm the northern ...

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