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This blog is a moderate attempt at sharing some of my random thoughts, observations and general B.S. Enjoy!!!
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Quick answers to common Alabama legal questions

Several months ago I posted links to a few of my new Squidoo lenses that deal with several common legal issues. I have tweaked each of these lenses since that time and hope they are all easy to follow and provide the quick answers you have ...

Victoryland machines rigged to give Langford guaranteed jackpot?

In the ongoing saga of the absurdity in the Birmingham's mayor's office, there may be a new chapter just coming to light. A civil suit was just filed in Macon County by a Victoryland patron claiming that the electronic gambling machines were ...

How do people continue to watch Bill O'Reilly?

I definitely describe myself as a moderate when asked generally about my political leanings, but I will confess to being a registered Republican and conservative on some issues. I will save the breakdown of my political beliefs for another day, ...

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