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Your phone won’t give you cancer and you don’t get the flu from the flu shot

Aaron Carroll is ready to fight the medical myths again. This time it is about the phone and its cancer giving properties, which have not been demonstrated even after 2 decades of studies from around the world. Phone use microwave radiation, ...

You wont believe: the smallest possible star is just a bit bigger than Jupiter

It is said that Jupiter is a failed star. It is so massive that, if it were a couple of times more massive, it would have become a star. Stars can be way smaller than our Sun. For example, theoretically, a red dwarf star has only about 7.5% ...

13 things you didn’t know about the snowflakes and snow

DNews’ Trace got it right: we don’t know a lot of things about snow and he’s here to make some light. Snow is great. Winter is also great. Those who live in warm climates won’t ever know how it feels to fight with snowballs. T