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My blog is all about teaching and learning including educational psychology, tips in pedagogy and classroom management, teacher empowerment, Licensure Examination for Teachers tips, and many more...
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4A's Lesson Plan in Math VI

LESSON PLAN IN MATH VII. Objectivesa) State the formula in finding discountb) Solve problems involving discountc) Share ways on how to save moneyII. Subject MatterA. Word Problems Involving Percent (Discount)B. RBEC Math VI L.3.4.2C. chart, ...

LET Tips: Properties of Assessment Methods

1. This refers to the instrument’s ability to measure what it purports to measureA. Validity B. PracticalityC. Efficiency D. Reliability2. Teacher F correlated the results of her developed instrument with a known valid test. With this, ...

Properties of Assessment Methods

    Assessment methods should possess qualities in order to be efficient in reflecting students’ performance. It is very important for assessment methods to have these qualities since these are means for the teacher to obtain data and i ...

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