Tales of a Mommy Karateka

Musings on my journey to Shodan Shiai and overall martial arts speak.
Added: July 30, 2007
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It's Been a Long Time, Baby.

I remember when I used to sit down once or twice a week at my laptop to pour out my karate experiences, my life experiences. This used to be during breaks at work, where I had my massage office to myself. No children. No husband. Just me and ...

Plowing through

At the risk of losing precious sleep (a teething baby does not allow for a restful night) I will update. I so miss writing on a regular basis. When I look back on my older entries I smile and remember what it was like to write at least once ...

The trip of a lifetime.

It's been sad not having time to blog about my martial arts adventures lately. On the other side of that, I haven't really HAD any martial arts adventures for over a year now. "Life" got in the way for a while and I'm not really sure when ...

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