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Synergy Restaurant Consultants is a team of dynamic and highly ethical restaurant management professionals that bring big ideas to the table to create sustainable brands and drive bottom line performance.
Added: November 16, 2009
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Targeting the Millennial Crowd at Your Restaurant

Millennials, those aged at approximately 18-34 years old, are the largest generation in American history. They’re confident, tech-savvy, connected, choosy, adventurous and their impact on the economy is of utmost significance. By 2017, this ...

Beverage Trend Alert: Tea and Coffee Cocktails

When you think of cocktails, you may conjure up images of margaritas, martinis, Bloody Marys and Mai Tais. But a newer trend is bringing the spotlight back to some other familiar faces. Combining coffee with alcohol has produced plenty of delicious ...

10 Small Ideas that Can Greatly Improve your Restaurant

Success in the restaurant business is built on a lot of different parts—the big things, of course, with menu, décor and service, but also a lot of little things, like sales builders, brand differentiators, cost tweaks, and more. Hey, what’s ...

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