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This blog discusses a variety of issues related to the environment and sustainability; the key focus of this blog is on promoting the use of tap water and the dangers of bottled water. This blog will provide you with a variety of useful tips on how you can be helpful to the environment. We also provide you with a variety of green fundraising tips. Lastly, we will also showcase products such as stainless steel bottles and water filters that will ease your transition to bottled water.
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Sustainability Challenges on Campus

Colleges are considered bastions of progressive and free thought, and it’s almost a matter of course that they’d be expected to be exemplars of environmental conscientiousness as well. Advances that allow schools to produce less waste a ...

The Psychological Changes Necessary for Sustainability

In recent years, the “green,” or, environmental movement has been gaining in notoriety. Suddenly, an enormous market has emerged for green products, from environmentally friendly cleaning products to low impact vacations in eco-friendly ...

“Trust Us” Is Getting Old

When British Petroleum (BP) applied for a permit to build the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and begin drilling, it claimed to have the technology and know-how to handle any oil spill. But in the face of an actual spill, BP ...

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