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Girl Vs Cancer

If you got cancer tomorrow, god forbid, and needed financial help, do you know what statutory sick pay is? £350 a month. Dunno about you, but that means I literally could not afford to be one of the one-in-three of us affected.  When Lauren ...

By Your Side

There will never be a time when that song comes on, the Sade,  when I won't feel you inside of me,  kneeling on the sofa,  your stomach pressed against my back,  your fingers laced around each other in a fist,  pulling through my ...

Collecting and Preserving Butterflies

Having a word for it contains it. That’s it, I suppose. The point of words. They help us pin down ideas, thoughts, feelings, so that instead of floating, circling overhead, we get to pull the thing towards us, put it in a frame, with a label, ...