Stuck in Iceland

Added: November 11, 2012
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This App Gives You Immersive Experience in Your Iceland Road Trip

When you work in the travel industry you are constantly thinking about new ways to create new and more immersive experiences for your customers. We at Iceland Travel took a close look at how we could do this for our road trips (or self drive ...

Iceland is a Place of Great Extremes

Words and photos by Claudia Bordeleau, a French photographer. The climate, for instance, can change drastically every 10 minutes. It makes Iceland a country of extremes. The weather can be so sweet and so harsh at the same time, it’s difficult ...

The Soundscape of Southern Iceland

The Southern Highlands of Iceland is the subject of an  unique video, or soundscape, made by Jamie Goldrick (web/Instagram). When I watched it I was impressed that it featured the the old and beautiful poem Verses of Vatnsenda Rósa (1795–1855). ...

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