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Gosha Levochkin´s crazy art worlds

Gosha Levochkin´s  work of art is different – in many ways. It is colorful and weired; it speaks to us and  shows us strange worlds, often rendered in watercolor and gouache. The artist likes to work with these kind of mediums because they ...

Fernando Leon: PROJECT 12+1 artist of this month

The street artist Fernando Leon got invited by the Contorno Urbano Fondation of Spain to paint a mural for the 12+1 project  in Barcelona. 12+1 is an open air art gallery, which changes each month – meaning, one can experience twelve artists ...

DOURONE in Finland

PENSAMIENTO PROPIO (Own thinking in English) is the mew mural of Dourone in Vantaa, Finland. Curated by Street Art Today and produced by Street Art Vantaa and Artsi Museo, the artwork of more tan 20 meters raises itself at the multicultural ...

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