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Added: January 08, 2016
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538 - Lifeguard

 The green ones sound higher than the brown ones. The rhythmic clink of bottles rouses you only slightly, but enough for you to have this thought."What have you done to yourself, dad?" asks your daughter as she pushes her feet through the carpet ...

537 - Trauma Room

Fuck, Aaron, did you really think we wouldn't need that scalpel?Tell us, honestly, that at no point in the dark, moist recesses of your damaged mind did it occur to you that the trauma surgeons might need to cut something. You can't? No way!I'd ...

536 - Don't Fear the Fin

The fin is your friend. It means you no harm. Do not fear the fin.The fin has done you no wrong. It has always shown you kindness during times of peace, and restraint during times of war. You have no reason to suspect the fin.The fin passed ...

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