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Added: January 08, 2016
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546 - Spy Drone

1.19.2018 0317 –[Admin//Notation: Using this primitive flesh calendar as a means of time-keeping disgusts us. We must remember to develop a new system. DUMP SUBROUTINE 134.2 (OBSOLETE, REWORK)]::BEGIN LOG::The humans still have not noticed ...

545 - Canadians

Still when you close your eyes you see the horror that unfolded that day.Slick gobs of white sprinkled over wet cement and dew-kissed grass. Iron-grey feathers dashed with crimson falling unevenly to the ground. Screeching brakes and the low ...

544 - Unbearable

“Oh. My. God. Becky, look at the bear’s butt,” instructs Amy, one of the two vapid young women whom you’ve received the dubious pleasure of being treed by a grizzly bear with.“I know, right? It’s so fat!” says Becky. “Watch this!” ...

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