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Parenting teens is hard work. St. Louis Patenting Teens has advice for parents to help tem navigate the teen years and stay sane.
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What Donald Trump’s behavior says to our children

Donald Trump is seeking the most powerful position in America, the President of the United States. He uses belittling, name-calling, and character slurs to gain power over his opponents. While our kids play in our homes, the news in...

Conquer anxiety and boredom with free printable coloring pictures

One way to beat boredom is with free printable coloring pictures. All you need is a box of colored pencils and a printer. In addition to alleviating boredom, coloring is actually good for you. Not only is coloring fun, coloring...

Energy drinks can kill your kids

How often have you reached for an energy drink to increase alertness? While an occasional energy drink often helps during tasks that require focus, regular consumption of energy drinks pose health risks and sudden death in some individuals. ...

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