Spiritual Poetry & Other Self-reflections

A spiritual blog with mystic poetry and haiku related to self-exploration, yoga philosophy and the Self.
Added: December 06, 2010
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Where Love Hides

Love hides in the creases of anger and resentment, as it clutches on to the illusion of its non-existence, effacing and then redrawing the pain that it reluctantly mirrors, in a self-defeating loop of fire and fuel. I was willing to look at ...

Inner Union

In the eternal ever changing wave of consciousness, I pledge allegiance to my dreams and aspirations—no matter how broken or out of use. There is no regret and no judgment behind my words. Not everybody needs a purpose to live by. I do.Filed ...

Awakening Afresh

Each day a new start, Deleting the old patterns: Renewing myself.Filed under: Haiku, Poetry Tagged: awakening, new start, old patterns, renewal

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