Wherein Philosophy and the Red Sox are amalgamated, or, where Bill James meets William James with an Immanuel Kant/ Orlando Cabrera handshake
Added: July 23, 2008
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The Faster Times dot com: "Baseball and Philosophy"

Feel like you just haven't read enough philosophical baseball analysis lately? or maybe an insufficient quantity of baseballical philosophy analysis? well then, have i got news for you.thursday at 3pm, a brand new online newspaper "launched." ...

Bearly Stirring

First, thanks so much to all y'all who have inquired as to when I will resume posting here at Soxlosophy; bloggers get paid in caring, as best I can tell. In a recession, even.Second, not posting does not entail not being angry at events/processes ...

Peace in the A.L. East

When the Soviet Union fell, the United States was left without a rival; it stood alone as the world's sole superpower. With alternative forms of government seemingly vanquished, some even proclaimed the end of history. But history has a way ...

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