Soo Shim Kwan ITF Tae Kwon Do

Soo Shim Kwan ITF Tae Kwon Do
Added: January 03, 2011
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ITF's Sine Wave Motion and Korean Body Culture

Every so often I stumble upon (or am pulled into) an online conversation about ITF Taekwon-Do’s sine wave motion. This happened again recently. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to discuss all the points addressed on these online discourses. ...

Matseogi versus Gyeorugi

It was Dr George Vitale (VIII Dan) who first impressed it on me that the Korean term General Choi Hong-Hi, the principle founder of Taekwon-Do, designated for sparring is different from the general term used for sparring in most other forms ...

Korea Hapkido Federation - Ulji Kwan - Colour Belt Syllabus

I started Hapkido at an Ulji Kwan dojang back in 2006. The Ulji Kwan is one of the big Kwans in the Korea Hapkido Federation. Having spoken to some sources, apparently, the Ulji Kwan group, and particularly Master Jo's dojang where I started ...

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