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Thanks for all the fish!

I’m warning you right now, this will be the bloggiest thing I’ve ever posted on here. I have no plan; no agenda for what I’m writing. It just that it’s been almost a couple months since...

I was certain I wasn’t going to buy Evolve. After watching some streams of the game, I went out today and bought Evolve.

Just sayin’. *climbs up on soapbox* I just wanted to get that out there for all those publishers that view “Let’s Play”s and streams as bad things. I mean sure, if you make a crappy product...

What We’re Playing! – The “We’re Still Here!” Edition

Holy crap it’s been a long time! Well, we are still here, even though you might have forgotten about us. I forgive you for that though, because it kinda sorta seems like we forgot about us...

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