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Added: March 31, 2011
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Health care professional turned taxi driver – the life of so many Yemenis

by WomanfromYemen at here. On the taxi ride back home tonight, I had an interesting conversation with Mohammed, the taxi driver from Taiz. Mohammed, has a masters degree in biology, with extensive courses in public health. In the 1995 he opened ...

Keep On, Keeping On

by: Jim Donovan, Source Unknown Colonel Sanders went to more than 1,000 places trying to sell his chicken recipe before he found an interested buyer. The fact that we can buy Kentucky Fried Chicken today attests to his perseverance. Thomas Edison ...

Famous people who are ex-drivers

Came across an interesting short article: Philip Glass, the world’s greatest living classical composer, drove a cab for five years. He graduated from Juilliard, a school even more selective than Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, or Yale. ...

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