Short Stories

Short Amusing Stories for Business
Added: October 26, 2010
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Heihachi Erfahrung, Erfahrung mit Hosting

Ich bin seit etwa einem Jahr guter Kunde bei Ich habe einen Linux VPS Plan 2. Die Geschwindigkeit von meinem VPS liegt immer bei guten 11 MB/s zu jeder Uhrzeit.

Text # 6 - Suicide

This text, sent to me a few months ago, is also in my native language: Filipino, which I will translate to you. It says the following:Original Text:ANAK: Ma! C kuya, ngbigti sa banyo!MAMA: Ha? (2mkbo ppntng C.R.)MAMA: ikaw ha! Punyeta ka! ...

Text # 5 - Like the Way you Think

Another popular text sent to me a few months back: (enjoy!)Teacher asks Johnny: If there were five birds on a fence and you shot one, how many would be left?Johnny: None as the others will fly away.Teacher: The answer is "four", but I like the ...

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