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Added: February 15, 2015
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The 6 Best Websites For Men

Do you know how many articles are published per day on the Internet? Me neither, but on alone, there's something like 1.5 million posts published per day... The post The 6 Best Websites For Men appeared first on Shaver Advice. ...

5 Vital Tips to Improve Your Shave

Are you one of those guys? After shaving is your skin smooth, soft and irritation free, day in and day out? This article isn’t for you. It’s for the rest of us. Maybe a perfect shave is a once-a-week event. Or you just make to with rough, ...

7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid Buying an Electric Shaver

How hard could it be? You go to a store – or online – to buy an electric shaver, check out the products, and put your money down. How do you know it’s going to do the job right? Listen: Making a mistake when you buy an electric shaver ...

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