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This blog is completely dedicated to the world’s greatest gaming company ever… Sega.
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Marine the Raccoon returns in Sonic Boom!

Marine the raccoon from Sonic Rush Adventure will be returning with a brand new look! Wolfy briefly covers her new appearance in the new Sonic Boom universe. Who else will show up? Tagged: Marine the raccoon, Sonic Boom

Bathe yourself with the Dreamcast Controller

Are you tired of yourself bathing with boring old bars of soap? I am too! Luckily the people over at Digital Soaps also thought the same thing and came up with these. Now you can bathe yourself like a true Sega fan and come out smelling like ...

Shining Hearts announced by Sega for PSP

It has been leaked by Famitsu that Sega is bringing the ‘Shining’ series to the PSP this winter with Shining Hearts. However it won’t be a strategy RPG like the Shining Force games of old or an action RPG like Shining Tears/Wind. Sh

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