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Tyche, A Possible Ninth Planet?

Within the past week astrophysicists John Matese and colleague Daniel Whitmire have announced the discovery of a planet four times the size of Jupiter within the Oort Cloud, named Tyche. They have since stated that the planet is not due to be ...

New Blogs and Business!

I'm so sorry for not blogging recently - as in for months...... But I have been very busy......~ If you want to see how my business is going, visit If you want to see what I'm blogging about now, visit http://w ...

Life on Brown Dwarves

NASA has recently come across the coolest brown dwarves (failed stars) in the known universe. Could life exist on these barren bodies? Many brown dwarves are alone, not orbiting anything or recieving sunlight. They emit very little light themselves. ...

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