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Body cells that can not use ketone bodies

There are two kinds of tissue cells that can not use ketone bodies in a ketogenic diet or even during starvation. These are the liver cells, called hepatocytes, and the red blood cells, which do not have mitochondria. Even though hepatocytes ...

What is ROS in Biology?

In biology ROS is the acronym for Reactive Oxygen Species, which are chemically reactive molecules that have atoms of oxygens. Superoxyde radicals, peroxides, and hydroxyl radicals are example of reactive oxygen species, which are responsible ...

Ketogenic Diet vs Memory and Intelligence

It has been scientifically proven by Dr Jan Venter, MD, and Jong Rho, MD, that a ketogenic diet not only prevents seizures in patients with epilepsy, but it also enhances short and long term memory and intelligence. Ketone bodies are by far ...

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