A collection of my most precious poems out of my good thoughts, a journal of my daily experiences written on poems that speak of truth. Satire, drama, dark, contemporary, comedy, elegy, ode, haiku, sonnets and many more. you are invited ~_^
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Last Litany

Child. The world is wild it is not kindit will not spread it’s glistening pathway so you might like.the passage is narrow and plainbefore you is a dark void of violence and disorder that you might takeI’m afraid


Morphine It’s the need to dress this mortal woundThat I came rushing to your door


Kuw-HateFor the hearts that cannot waitI wish you all the goodness of sleep So that every waking day There’ll be no unhappiness,No third world memories lingering in your constricted mindTo the Snaking dunes of desert landYou lay your back ...