SAS Certification Questions

SAS Certification Questions, Base SAS, SAS 9.1.3, SAS 9.2, SAS Interview Questions
Added: January 24, 2010
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The following SAS program is submitted:data;set work.salary(keep = department wagerate);by department;if first.department then payroll = 0;payroll + wagerate;if last.department;run;The SAS data set named WORK.SALARY contains 10 o ...


The following SAS program is submitted:libname sasdata 'SAS-data-library';data test;set sasdata.chemists (keep = job_code);if job_code = 'chem3' then description = 'Senior Chemist';run;The variable JOB_CODE is a character variable with a length ...


The following SAS program is submitted:data work.accounting;set work.dept1 work.dept2;run;A character variable named JOBCODE is contained in both the WORK.DEPT1 and WORK.DEPT2 SAS data sets. The variable JOBCODE has a length of 5 in the WORK.DEPT1 ...

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