Safety Concepts and Ideas

Concepts, Ideas and suggestions on workplace safety
Added: August 04, 2010
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Job Hazards Sample for Employees.

-Electronic Assembly Safety Hazards-*Forklift Traffic- Forklifts may occasionally be used inside or outside the electronic assembly area to move materials. Never walk in the path of a moving forklift. Assure eye contact is made between you ...

Terms and Definitions for Hearing Conservation

Action Level- An 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 decibels measured on the A-scale, slow response, or equivalently, a dose of fifty percent. Audiogram - A chart, table, or graph showing hearing threshold level as a function of frequency. ...

Safety Ideas for the workplace

When you have new employees in your factory, try this concept out. This practice was extremely beneficial and it works. Find arm bands in 3 color's.I used Red (for the new employee) Have them wear this arm band for the first 2 days regardless ...

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