A photo journal of my year in Australia as a Canadian exchange student.
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Quick Notes on 'Study' Week

As is the norm, we had a week off to study for exams after classes. Usually not much studying is done during this week (took off to Queensland last semester), and being on an exchange was twice the excuse to not open a single book again.The ...

Conquering Mt. Kosciuszko: Part 2 - Bagging the Summit

There was a sense that we were a bit behind schedule as we pulled up to Charlotte Pass, where we parked the car. This is the highest point you can drive to in Australia at an elevation of 1830m. (If you know that the mountain itself is 2228m, ...

Conquering Mt. Kosciuszko: Part 1 - Getting There

Reaching the highest point in Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko, was high on my list of things to do, and time and money was running out. We had a week long study break and I had Tara fully committed so the planning began, which wasn't much in the ...