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What to See in Warsaw in 1 Day – Travel Guide

Having been to Warsaw an uncountable number of times, I decided to create a travel guide to the capital of Poland with best things to do within 1 day.Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, but the city government ...

Guide to Gracia Neighborhood, Barcelona’s Greatest Secret

Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination, but it has some lesser-known spots that are almost never visited by travelers (although they are really worth it).One of such spots is Gràcia neighborhood, where you can see the life of locals ...

Top 10 Cool Attractions You Should Visit in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig doesn’t seem like a top tourists destination, but you will be surprised to find out, what great attractions you can visit there (my favorite is number 7).So, let’s start!Some words about Leipzig. It is a city in Eastern Germany of ...

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