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Roger Roast Where Science Toasts
Added: May 19, 2010
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Travel by Plane That Does Not Stop For Fuel- Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse had a test flight this week for a non-stop 26+ hours. The plane used solar cells instead of conventional petroleum fuel for energy. Isn’t it amazing? It looks as though we may be able to go green in the sky!André Borschberg, ...

Paper That Folds by Itself to Plane or Boat- It is No Magic, Watch it Happens

Have you seen a paper fold itself into a plane or boat. That is what the scientists at Harvard and MIT invented - a programmable matter by folding.It might remind you of Origami. In fact the program relied on the ancient art of origami. In the ...

No Tattoos or Genital Piercing for Minors in Minnesota

In Minnesota, minors can no longer get tattoos or pierced genitals, regardless of whether they have a parent's permission.Florida outlaws personal ownership of Burmese pythons and other reptiles, and cracks down on horse thieves!People with ...

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