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Damaging the Barbados Brand

“Walter It is fair to warn you the political class has you on their radar, no doubt to do with your contributions to BU. You have been courageous tagging your name to submissions be guided.” David, Blogmaster of Barbados Underground … ...

Obama! Obama! There’s Bulling On My TV!

Submitted by Pachamama Mene! Mene! You have been weighed On the scale And found wanting! (Kemetic Hieroglyphs – 5,000 BC circa) Dear Mr. President: As you enter your seventh year there could be no doubt, even in a fool’s mind, … Conti ...

Obama Should Implement Immigration Reform by Executive Action

New York Caribbean Institute says President Obama should implement immigration reform by executive action despite republican intransigence. BROOKLYN: The nation’s immigration system is broken. There are over twelve million undocumented immigrants ...