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Reviews Unlimited will feature my thoughts and reviews of big and small things that crosses my world- movies, music, electronics, tv, news, politics - You name it, I'll review it!
Added: May 07, 2010
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Top 5 Free Apps for Rio Olympics games 2016

Technorati Tags: Free Apps,Olympics 2016,Rio 2016,Olympics App,Top 5 app,iTunes,Google play,Android,iPhone

Canvas Turbo A250 – Micromax launches its latest Canvas 4 Turbo

Micromax has been a boon to the low budget touch phone aspirants in India. It has brought to life the dreams of owning a touch phone with pretty decent

Copy Paste bug in Samsung device -How to fix the clipboard issue

I was introduced to smartphones in 2010 by my husband. He had bought an Apple iPhone. The fascination was beyond words and I could just not keep my hands off that toy! Later, in 2011 I got a Samsung galaxy S phone as a surprise gift on my birthday. ...

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