Reflection and Flow: Light Meets Water, Art Meets Fashion

"Reflection and Flow" is the theme for our collaborative team that's participating in the 2010 "Art Meets Fashion" project produced by the San Diego Visual Arts Network and FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect US). This blog documents the process, which culminates in an art gallery installation in April 2011
Added: September 03, 2010
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Virginia's Vision

Debby asks if Virginia has any images in her mind of what the final clothing piece will look like.

Dyeing Fabric with Karen Dietz

Two weeks ago Debby and Virginia visited the studio of fabric artist (and storyteller) Karen Dietz

Being a Water Person

Debby's personal attraction to water in part inspired the project theme "Reflection and Flow" and the collaboration with Virginia. Debby talks about what it means to be a "water person" and her design approach for the project.

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