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Pepper Salad

Here's my first dish made in Germany: A salad with curly lettuce, rucola, red and yellow bell peppers and pickled chillies, seasoned with oregano, juice of half a lemon, and olive oil.To make, combine:Half a curly lettuce headHandful of rucolaLarge ...

Farmer's Market, Tubingen

For a country known for its potatoes, Germany sure has some really fresh produce (even if at this time of year, the produce is coming in from Spain). One thing you will get fresh and locally grown are apples this time of year. And potatoes.The ...

Füssen, Germany

Ever dreamed of having your own castle? Enamored by princess sagas by Walt Disney? Then you have to come to Neuschwanstein Schloss at Füssen, Germany. I mean, Neuschwanstein is THE castle, bar none. We went there over the weekend as my boss ...