Sarcastic and snarky opinions on things and people that annoy me in this world!
Added: September 02, 2010
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Wedding History and Gift Ideas

Years ago, weddings tended to me more traditional. Couples typically had the same style of wedding that their parents had along with something old, something new, and something blue. Weddings have evolved quite a bit since the beginning, and ...

Win Handmade Jewelry and Gifts Giveaway!!

We are having a giveaway for my new business. I'm posting the giveaway on all of my blogs, so please feel free to enter and share!!Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter easily starting September 10, 2012, and earn more entries! Here is what ...

More Annoying Things...

I believe I wrote a post about this same subject awhile ago.. but I'm feeling the need to do it again. People annoy the ever loving crap out of me on a daily basis. Ignorance just seems to flow from the mouths of the majority of the human race ...