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Amsterdam: the 5 must-dos…

No, it is not to go to the Red Light district as soon as you get off the Central Station… but read on if you want to know Amsterdam more than that.. Till not very long ago, Amsterdam was a tourist destination of sorts for 20-somethings wanting ...

Tripping on Antique Markets of London

Your visit to London cannot be complete without taking a trip to its very colourful and historical antique markets. From a hearty mix of genuine and rare brick-a-bat to incredible historic items, the antique markets of London have something ...

Photo a Day Challenge: Want/Crave

Day 18: All I want crave right now is a nice juicy piece or two of Maghai Paan. Paan is an Indian after-food wonder which consists of a betel leaf  stuffed with mouth freshener and sweet nothings. Now Maghai Paan comes from a region in North ...

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