Pregnancy and Infant Care

Resources about pregnancy and infant care. Updated and practical.
Added: February 22, 2010
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About Baby Diapers

You first choice in diapers is between disposable and fabric types. Most parents now opt for disposable, but a greater consciousness of environment issues has led many parents to reconsider the virtues of fabric diapers, which creates less waste. ...

Diaper Changing Details

Baby’s tender skin gets a lot of wear and tear in the diaper area. Try to keep it clean, dry and comfortable. Basic diaper changing steps Have all your supplies at hand, including clothing, just in case. Open the old diaper, and if baby has ...

Safe Infant Sleep

Over 20 years of studies have identified numerous risk factors for SIDS, resulting in a long list of safety guidelines for new parents. Today parents are told to place the baby on his back in a crib that meets crib standards, preferably in the ...

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