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Added: March 01, 2017
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What do you know?

One of the joys (and pain) of being older is that we know stuff. From our first scraped knee to our devastated heart at a first romantic break-up. We know these things will pass, as scraped bits and battered hearts are wont to do over time. ...

Being 46 and learning to dance

I took a ballet class for the first time in 35 years. Why did I wait so long? Believing I couldn’t dance The last time I took a ballet class I was 11 years old.  My teacher had told me I wasn’t any good, after getting a mediocre grade in ...

On marriage and the midlife crisis

Last week it was my husband’s and my wedding anniversary. We celebrated with hugs and kind words and time spent pottering about with our kids, getting on with the usual chores. In the evening we had a takeaway and dessert. In quiet moments ...

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