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Added: March 01, 2017
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Why editing is more important than the writing

I’ve been a writer and an editor for most of my life. Of the two, editing is easier – looking at a piece of writing and seeing what it needs, rather than producing something worthwhile from scratch. I’ve learned a lot about editing from ...

How to spot the Instagram cheats

Being able to recognize an Instagram cheat will stop you getting ripped off and taken advantage of by brands, models, and colleagues alike. Once you know how to spot a faker you’ll be surprised at how many accounts are actually doing it and ...

Social media voyeurism and connections

What did we do before social media? Well I know what we did, of course and what we didn’t do. We didn’t know our friends and acquaintances every move, thought, or action punctuated by a thumbs up or a heart emoji. We never saw thousands ...

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