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Disappearing Libraries and Book Stores

Lately funding for libraries has been drastically cut throughout the United States. I worry that the free books and the libraries will disappear. Without free books, only the well-to-do will have access to knowledge. That's a scary thing.It ...

Disgusted With Dishonest Web Hosting Companies

Over a year ago, I decided to get my own website with my own domain name. How difficult could it be? Getting the website was easy, renewing it automatically was a nightmare. The dishonest billing and crappy technical support disgusted me so ...

How To Be A Bad Parent And Ruin Your Kid's Life

So you' ve chosen to smoke and you have children. Nice job. Expose them to second hand smoke. Maybe they'll end up with asthma. Way to go. Stick out your chest with pride. What a parent.Oh yeah, and by the way. When you get emphysema or lung ...

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