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Added: February 03, 2011
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Reimagining the Fire Sprinkler for the Connected Smart Home

There are few concerns for families that top the utter disastrous and devastating consequences that can result from the family home being fire damaged.Fires not only leave shattered memories of fear and angst inside the very place homeowners ...

Fire (over)engineering my pad?

Open plan layouts as an architectural trend is here, either in homes or flats, there is no denying that the increased feel of space and the ability to maximise the use of small footprint properties make it a win-win for architects and occupants.The ...

Portable Domestic Misting Sprinklers Extinguish the Fire

Portable misting/sprinkler units offer a temporary or in some cases a permanent solution for the protection of high risk situations normally in one room of the premises, for example:Used in the bedroom of an immobile person who smokes in bedUsed ...