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"Halfway to Vlkolinec"

As you probably have noticed, my blog is mostly focused on "Daily Painting" works, but finally, I'm posting the first plein air painting here. This one was done on the spot on halfway to Vlkolinec village (Slovakia) that is listed in list of ...

"We Are Sitting in a Mug, Enjoying Ourselves"

This is a small bunch of peonies from my garden. French impressionist Claude Monet was actually right. It's not necessary to paint far from our houses. A lot of wonderful things we can find everywhere around us, such as in our gardens. 6"x8" ...

"Beauties of June"

Just another small daily painting. A cup of fresh strawberries. Yes, we can call it "daily" although my last painting "Lilac" was uploaded last month. Unfortunately, I don't have a much time to paint every day and the term "monthly painting" ...