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A daily blog outlining updates in the baseball world by the inventor of the Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer, Chance Reynolds.
Added: October 14, 2009
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“What Type of Hitter Are You?”

One way to help your players have a very successful season this year is by taking a moment to ask them, “What type of hitter do you think you are?”Most young hitters have never slowed down long enough to consider such a thought.

Rubber Band Theory.

Whenever kids have trouble understanding the concept of "separation" at the plate, it always helps me to use the Rubber Band analogy.If you were to take a Rubber Band and barely pull it back, the impact or "pop" of the Rubber Band is going to ...

Are Maple Bats Dangerous?

As a result of Tyler Colvin's most recent accident in which he was struck in the chest by a shattered bat, baseball pundits again are rearing their ugly heads calling for a ban on all bats made of Maple in Major League Baseball.Jim Anderson, ...

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