Unabashed and brazenly sex-positive, PinkSexGeek[dot]com is a collection of sex toy adoration, lube snobbery, sexual politics, tales from a sex shop Goddess and personal musings. NSFW, unless your career is as awesome as mine is.
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Parenting is intense, who knew!?

Hey loves, How you doin’? So, it turns out that creating a blended family of four kids, all preschool age or younger, is nearly unimaginable levels of hard work. Some are closer in age than nature intended, and I can now tell you for a fact, ...

Dildology, Violet Blue and Offbeatr Update

I can’t cover my sex toy activist career/how I came to Dildology in a single blog post, but this is a key moment. To be perfectly honest, I fell into this. My first job peddling dildos was one I took because the ownership didn’t care ab ...

Coming out of Retirement for Dildology

As many of you know, once upon a time, Crista Anne got naked on the internet. Let’s see if I can dig up an old picture… At the dawn of Queer/Alt porn, I was on a few sites. NoFauxxx is the only one still standing that I’m aware of,

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