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How To Crack A Combination Safe

Open That Safe Quicker Than A Burglar There are plenty of reasons that you might have to crack a combination safe. Perhaps you lost the keys or you are facing a torrential downpour of zombies outside. Either way, these things are much easier ...

Review: The Best Selling Lock Pick Set

Reviewing: Looching’s 24 Piece Titanized Lock Picks When it comes to lock picking, there is no doubt that when it comes to the most difficult locks, the picker is only as good as the tools that they have available. This is the best selling ...

Re-Keying A Door Lock

How Do I Re-Key My Lock? Use These 9 Steps No matter if you own a home or an apartment complex, the need always comes up of needing your locks re-keyed. Maybe you have a crazy ex-girlfriend, maybe a crack head found your key or maybe the tenant ...

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